This year's conference will feature a full schedule of technical presentations. Abstracts for this year's presentations will be posted here as they become available. Click on the abstract name to see the full abstract.  

Automation Working Group

Big Data and Its Challenge for Today's Cement Plant

3D Geologic Modeling and Mine Planning to Improve Quarry
and Plant Efficiency at Cement Operations

Automated Baghouse Troubleshooting Diagnostics Maximize Efficiency

Digital Transformation of the Global Cement Industry

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation in the Cement Manufacturing Process 

Drives & Related Products Working Group

Considering the Benefits of Retrofitting Centrifugal Fan Rotors

Method for Quantifying Rotor Condition in Synchronous Motors

Back To Basics- Troubleshooting a Synchronous Motor Issue in a Cement Plant

Successful Retrofit of a HPGR (High Pressure Grinding Rolls) Drive
at a European Cement Company by Replacing an Existing Electro-
Mechanical Drive with a Gearless Direct Hydraulic Drive

Environmental, Energy & Sustainability Working Group

Modular Grinding Stations (MGS) for Sustainable Growth 

CO2 Capture from Cement Manufacture and Reuse in Concrete  

The Application and Results of Environmental Initiatives at a
Commonwealth of Virginia Cement Plant 

Hydrocarbon Testing and Emissions in Cement Plants

Innovative Oxygen Injection for Emission Reduction in Cement Kilns 

General Practices Working Group

Optimized Kiln Operation by Keeping Kiln Shell Temperatures at a Set Point
with Controlled Water Cooling

Foundations Design of Multiple Vertical Mills Focused on Vibration Mitigation 

Reducing Pressure Drop in Pyro-Processing

Increasing Pyro System Productivity through Innovative Preheater Upgrades

Pursuing a Lower Cost of Ownership in a Large Kiln Baghouse 

Maintenance & Safety Working Group

Beneath Our Feet

The Friction Compensator - Visualizing Refractory Expansion

Power Generation, Distribution and Related Products Working Group

Current Limiting Arc Flash Quenching System for Improved Incident
Energy Reduction

The Effect of Raw Material Source on Concrete Duct Bank Thermal

Challenges of a New Quarry Five Miles From a Plant

Application of Next-Generation Motor Management Relays to
Improve System Reliability in Process Industries