This year’s conference will feature unprecedented technical content which is offered in several levels such as paper presentations, tutorials and professional training. There will also be  economic forecasts for the industry, a report on the state of the industry, panel discussions and government regulations updates. You do not want to miss out on the flow of information offered and included with your registration. 

Papers have already been submitted for this year's conference. To submit a paper for the 2020 conference, click on "Call for Papers" in the menu.

Panel discussions are: 


Environmental, Energy & Sustainability Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion #1

How Do We Keep a Sustainable Workforce in the Cement Industry?

The overarching panel topic is Sustainable Workforce.  The panelists are from HR or Safety job responsibilities.  Two of the panelists are from other industries than cement.  They have been asked to develop topics that create sustainability within a company via hiring, incentives, safety, morale, upward mobility, training, etc…  The panelists will be proposing topics within the group to prevent heavy overlap. 

Currently, the following individuals have volunteered to be a part of the panel:

Panel Discussion #2 

Environmental Initiatives that Create Positive PR

For the first time, IEEE-IAS/PCA will highlight the marketing and public relations professionals in the cement industry through a panel discussion of industry experts. The speakers will present examples of beneficial initiatives cement manufacturers are undertaking to protect the environment and promote energy efficiency at their campuses and with their customers. “Doing good while doing well” is a welcomed message from our industry’s marketers and PR specialists.

Several marketing/PR managers from leading cement producers will present, as well as representatives from cement trade magazines. A moderator will direct a spirited discussion on current issues. 

Panel participants as follows:

Mary Beth Kramer: She will present her perspective coming from public relations in the consumer product industry (Campbells) where brand awareness and public relations is part of the budget to the cement industry where companies act as responsible corporate citizens, but don’t want to cause too many waves in the media with so much negative publicity surrounding the industry.

Zaklina Stamboliska: Now an executive with Titan, she will present her opinions from the perspective of a cement plant manager who embraced marketing/public relations to the local community later in her tenure.

Lance Clark: Has been an advocate of promoting environmental successes since college. He will present some the successes he has seen from the beginning.

Steve Coppinger: Steve will present from the perspective of a senior executive with a cement company and be able to share successes around the community as well as outside the industry by partnering with Energy Star.

GCC: Will present successes within GCC from the perspective of an international environmental manager?