Technical Presentation Abstracts

This year's conference will feature a full schedule of technical presentations. Abstracts for this year's presentations will be posted here as they become available. Every working group will be included in the newest technology available.

Automation Working Group 

Secure IOT Deployment in the Cement Industry  

Raw Mix Optimization with Near Infra-Red Online Analysis
in Cross Belt and Airslide Applications

Use of 3D Scanning Technology for Plant Upgrades

Control System Replacement Case Study

Energy, Environmental & Sustainability Working Group

The New Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
and Potential Economic Impacts on the Portland Cement Industry 

Enhanced Hydrated Lime - A Simple Solution for Acid
Gas Compliance

Kiln Seal Retrofits for Energy Efficiency  

The “Paris Agreement” on Climate Change: An Opportunity for
Cement Sector to Further Reduce its CO2

High Efficiency SNCR Control System with Online -
CFD and NOx prediction for the Cement Industry 

Removal of VOC, NOx, CO and Dust by Flexible Catalytic

General Practices Working Group 

Increasing the Use of Synthetic Gypsum in the
Cement Industry

Adapting Calciners Operating Under CO2 Enrichment
For CCS 

Increasing Efficiency with a High Temperature
Kiln ID Fan Upgrade

High Efficiency Separator Upgrade: Threading
a Separator Through the Eye of a Needle

Pneumatic Material Handling Systems for
Cement Terminals

Third Generation Clinker Cooler for Reduced
Operating and Maintenance Cost 

Degradation of Concrete Mechanical Behavior
due to Temperature Effects

Grinding Process Optimization - Featuring Case
Studies and Operating Results of the Modular
Vertical Roller Mill

Advanced Refractory Layout of Preheater Vessels

Maintenance & Safety Working Group

Maintenance Excellence 

Power Generation Working Group  

Power Modeling for an Industrial Installation  

Decreasing Energy Consumption in Cement Plants

A Journey Toward Electrical Workplace Safety and Production

Drives Working Group

Energy Saving Project of 5500HP 13KV Wound Rotor
Induction Motor(WRIM) on a Kiln ID Fan using a Low
Voltage Slip Power Recovery (SPR) Drive – A Case Study

Handling High Torque Starts in New and Retrofit Applications

Development of Water Jacket Cooled Motor and its
Applications in Cement Industry

Drive Systems for Vertical Roller Mills